Fearless Night Bicycle Headlight and Cyclometer

Fearless Night Bicycle Headlight and Cyclometer
Tired of getting no respect from cars when you ride at night?
Tired of getting run over by cars at night?
Have you outgrown the weak 3 Watt battery or dynamo powered light?

Get the respect and safety that you deserve with the
Fearless Night bicycle headlight!

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Features: 20, 35, or 50 Watts of headlight power, Automatic headlight brightness with manual dim, Color graphics dashboard display, Speedometer, distance, temperature, and more. Rechargable Li-Ion battery system, One button controls all functions.

The dashboard case is made from clear acrylic (Plexiglass). The mounting clamp is made from aluminum plate. The dashboard has a back plate that connects the handlebar clamp, headlight, and dashboard all together. Dashboard Displays (about a dozen different display and settings modes):

  • Main Display Mode - Current Speed, Average Speed, Distance, Temperature, Battery Level, and Operating Mode
  • Alternate Display Mode - Trip Time, Average Speed, Temperature
  • Settings Display Mode - Headlight Dim Setting, Backlight Brightness Setting, Etc.
Operating Modes:
  • Headlight Off
  • Headlight Dimmed (variable preset brightness)
  • Headlight Fully Automatic (speed controlled)
  • Headlight On (100%)
  • Headlight Maximum (full battery voltage; WARNING - may reduce bulb life)
  • Headlight Signal (blink) Mode

The headlight is a standard MR-16 type bulb, which is commonly available at hardware stores. These bulbs are available in 10, 20, 35, and 50 Watt sizes. Colored lenses are also available (although these usually need to be special ordered).

There are two types of bulbs; with and without front glass. Be sure to get the lamps that have the front glass. The lamp holder is an automotive driving light made by Optronics, model number QH-7CC. These come in pairs, with 50 Watt bulbs. To increase the battery life, you may want to replace the 50 Watt bulb with a lower wattage type unless you really want the brightest light possible.

All headlight functions are controlled with a single thumb-operated control switch. For safety, the headlight system normally operates automatically and controls the headlight brightness according to the speed you are traveling. Using the thumb control, you can manually override the headlight to make it brighter or dimmer.

The wheel sensor uses a Hall effect magnetic sensor and a magnet that is attached to one of the front wheel spokes. The sensor is a TO-92 package (this looks like a small transistor) and is attached to an aluminum stick with heat shrink tubing so that it can be easily attached to the front wheel fork. The spoke magnet is available as a replacement part from bicycle stores. A 3-wire cable connects the sensor to the dashboard.

The battery is the most expensive part of the headlight system. The optimum battery is a Li-Ion pack in a water bottle form factor. NiMH batteries may be used instead to reduce the cost, but they will also not run for as long as Li-Ion will. Using 12 Li-Ion 18650 size cells (these are slightly larger than AA cells) arranged in 4 groups of 3 parallel cells each, the battery pack rating is 14.4 Volts at 7200 mA-H. This will give you at least 6 hours of burn time using a standard (20 Watt) bulb. Using the maximum 50 Watt bulb, the burn time is about 2.5 hours. The power connector is a 2-pin, waterproof, locking type. NOTE: Most Li-Ion battery packs utilize a built-in protection circuit to prevent over-charge, over-discharge, and excessive current flow. This protects the Li-Ion batteries from being damaged. If you are using the high wattage bulbs (35-50 Watt), then the protection circuit may need to be modified to allow a higher initial current flow.


  • Dashboard: Color graphics with backlight
  • Control switch: 5-way joystick button
  • Cyclometer functions: Speedometer, distance, temperature, time, records
  • Headlight lamp: 12V MR-16 type (20, 35, or 50 Watt)
  • Battery pack type: Rechargable Li-Ion
  • Battery pack voltage: 12-20 Volts
  • Burn time, 20 W bulb: 6-12 hours
  • Burn time, 50 W bulb: 2-6 hours
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Operating temperature range: 0-125 (F)
  • Cyclometer speed range: 0-99 MPH
  • Weight (excluding battery): 2.5 Lbs


Schematic Diagram:  download (PDF)
PCB Layout:  download (PDF)
Source Code Files:  download (ZIP)
Bootloader (requires VB6):  download (ZIP)

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