Colorganic Spectralizer HP

Colorganic Spectralizer HP
A high power (extra brightness) version of the Colorganic Spectralizer. Assembled and tested; just add batteries.
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The Colorganic Spectralizer is an audio spectrum analyzer with seven bright 10 mm colored LEDs. Use it as a miniature color organ or just a flashy desktop display thingey. Each LED responds with a brightness that's in proportion to the sound level at a particular frequency. The Colorganic Spectralizer comes complete with an integrated microphone and runs for hundreds of hours on one set of AA batteries.

The HP (High Power) version is even more dazzling with more brightness than the basic version. The LEDs are driven 30% harder in the HP version, so battery life is reduced by a corresponding amount (about 30%), but you should still get over 100 hours of use from one set of alkaline AA batteries.


  • Entertainment or game system enhancement
  • Visual telephone ring indicator
  • Visual baby monitor
  • Video game enhancer
  • Visual aid for the deaf

This is the sturdiest version of the Colorganic Spectralizer. Although not recommended, it can usually take a drop from 4' onto concrete without significant damage.

This is a hackable gadget! The design files are published here (see the Resoruces section below), and you can modify the source code and reprogram the device. There's even a Bar Graph LED modification that you can build and add on to make your Colorganic Spectralizer look like a graphic equializer display.


  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 20 KHz in Seven Bands: 63 Hz, 160 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 KHz, 2.5 KHz, 6.25 KHz, 16 KHz
  • Input: Integrated omnidirectional microphone, optional direct connection
  • Display: Seven (7) 10 mm color LEDs (red, green, blue, white, yellow, orange)
  • Power Requirement: (3) AA Batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 2.5"(64mm) x 1.9"(48mm) x 1.5"(39mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 oz (34g) without batteries


Operation Manual:  download (PDF)
Assembly Manual:  download (PDF)
Electrical Diagram:  download (PDF)
Source Code Listing:  download (TXT)
Source Project Folder:  download (ZIP)
Previous Version Archive:  download (ZIP)

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