Button Pad Games

Button Pad Games

This project integrates 3 button pad games in one box. The rotary encoder selects the game (1,2,3). The potientometer adjusts the speed. Sound comes from a SAM2695 MIDI synthesizer module. Press the rotary encoder to toggle sound on/off, long press the rotary encoder for the volume page, then turn the rotary encoder to adjust the volume.

  Game #1 - Ambient Blinking  
Ambient Blinking
This is sort of like an electronic wind chimes thing. It just flashes the button pad lights randomly. There is no interaction with the buttons.

  Game #2 - Interactive Conway's Life Game  
Interactive Conway's Life Game
This is the classic Conway's Game of Life but interactive and with sound. Pressing a button pauses the game and toggles the cell on/off. With this feature you can experiment, construct gliders, etc. The sound is keyed off of the game state.

  Game #3 - Simple Sequencer  
Simple Sequencer
This is a simple MIDI sequencer with percussion and 6 MIDI instruments. Change the mode to reset the sequencer.

Design Documents

Controller Schematic DiagramGeneric MIDI controller O314 schematic.pdf
PCB GerbersGeneric MIDI controller O314 gerbers.zip
3D Print Files8x8 button pad games stl files.zip
Arduino CodeArduino.zip
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Build Pictures

Assembled with Desk Stand
front     front

back     back

Controller Board
controller     controller