Crazy Clock 5

Crazy Clock 5

Crazy Clock 5
It's a clock with entertaining flashing light displays.

Crazy Clock 5
 Round Clock

Hour, Minute, and
Second rings
Matrix Clock

Conway's Game of Life,
Snakes, Hypnotizer
 Binary Clock

Day, Hour, Minute,
Seconds, 1/10 Seconds
LCD Clock

Date, Time, Day,
and Settings


Design Documents

Schematic Diagramschematic_JB19_cc5.pdf
3D Print


Power Requirement5V 4A
Dimensions200x200x50 mm

The clock automatically sets the time from GPS. Use the Settings menu to set the UTC offset for your local time.
Use the Settings menu to change the display colors, 12/24 hour format, etc.

Time Lock Indication
The matrix Time display punctuation indicates the GPS signal lock status.

No punctuationNo GPS signal
Flashing punctuationGPS signal but no time information
Solid punctuationGPS signal locked, time is correct

Touch the LCD panel to enter Settings.

Build Pictures

Back panels removed
open back perspective     open back closeup

Binary Clock & Teensy Controller
open master

Matrix Clock (this PCB is actually a repurposed PONG game board)
open matrix

Round Clock
open round clock

LCD Clock & Ambient Light Sensor
open lcd clock