RGB Fidget Toy


RGB Fidget Toy
Inspired by the monochrome fidget toy and cheap WS2812 LED panels, this is an RGB version.

Instead of just a couple of counter ICs, this fidget is based on the RP2040 microprocessor. With the addressable LED panel this fidget draws quite a bit more power than the monochrome one (about 8 times more). So a big Li-Ion battery was used instead of a 9V battery. This fidget includes a charger circuit too.

LED Panel
Cheap 65mm 8x8 addressable LED panels are commonly available now, but there's no standard footprint for the connections or mounting holes. This is the panel footprint for use with this project:
LED panel
Buy the LED Panel at PCBway

Like the monochrome fidget, the basic function is two oscillators driving the X and Y of the LED matrix.

The X and Y knobs control the X and Y oscillator speeds.

The Tint knob controls the rate of color change.

Hold (persistence) button keeps the LEDs turned on.

The Mode button selects the operating mode:

ModeDisplay Function
2Y increments by a step selector
3X increments by a step selector
4X is a Sin function

Design Documents

Schematic Diagramfidget_rgb_schematic.pdf
Source CodeView   Download
PCB Gerbersfidget_rgb_gerbers_O626.zip
3D Print Filesfidget_rgb_mechanical.zip

Build Pictures