PT2399 FX

PT2399 FX

PT2399 FX
This is a stereo delay audio processor with dual PT2399's per channel and analog switching logic so it can perform delay, reverb, echo, and chorus effects. It's based on the Electrosmash Time Manipulator design; this version is controllable via MIDI with manual override dials on the front panel. See the PT2399 Datasheet for details about the PT2399 Echo Processor IC.


Design Documents

Schematic DiagramStereo PT2399 Schematic.pdf
MechanicalReverb PT2399 V2.stl
Arduino CodeArduino.ino

MIDI control The module responds to MIDI channel 13.

Control NumberDescription
90Mode (see below)
91FX mix
92Echo amount

Mode NumberDescription
0Off - Outout is muted
1Passthru - Original voice is passed through
2Delay - audio mixed with delayed audio
3Long delay - delay through both chips
4Reverb - a mix of original audio and both delay taps
5Echo - similar to reverb
6Chorus - mixed varying delays

Build Pictures

Front Back

Side Side