Rotary Encoder Thing 2

Rotary Encoder Thing 2

Rotary Encoder Thing 2
A kit for Arduino (Pro Mini) to help learn button debouncing and rotary encoder handling.

This is a soldering kit including an Arduino Pro Mini, five lighted pushbuttons, three rotary encoders, three 2 digit 7 segment displays, eight addressable LEDs, and a speaker. All through-hole parts are used; this is a kit suitable for a beginner. A preprogrammed set of applications including a Safe Cracker game, 99 Hour Countdown Timer, LED Color Chooser, and a couple of sound synthesizers.

Design Documents

Bill of MaterialEncoder Thing 2 BOM.pdf
Component Placement GuideEncoder Thing 2 Placement.gif
Interior Wiringinterior big.jpg
Schematic DiagramEncoder Thing 2 Schematic.pdf
3D Print FilesRotary Thing Base USB.stl
PCB GerbersEncoder Thing 2 Gerbers


Power Requirement5V Micro USB connector
Dimensions103x103x45 mm (4x4x1.8 in)

Software: HELLO Menu


Safe Cracker game
A test of skill game.

99 Hour Timer
A countdown timer.

LED Color Picker
Easily get the values for the LED color you want.

Tone Generator plus Sound Effects
Makes tones plus some sound effects.

Musical Note Player
A 5 note piano.